929MILANO, the year and place of birth of our company; when and where it all began. In 1929, in a small shop in the outskirts of Milan, several objects made of Murano glass were first sold. The small shop has become a big company, Rossini Illuminazione, the few glass objects are now a wide range of lamps. Strong and firm roots are necessary to generate vigorous branches. 85 years of history and tradition: these are the foundations on which 929MILANO is born today.

929MILANO is history: 85 years of experience in the world of lighting have led us to where we are today. A brand that now presents its decorative offer, counting on a multi-decennial tradition in the light field. Light as our mission, lights in all forms.

929MILANO is tradition: the handcraft and the talent of Venetian glassmakers, the excellence of production. Preciousness of materials combines with the experienced manual skill of the artisans, who create a product designed and produced entirely in Italy. A wide and rich offer that ranges from glass to fabric. Made in Italy means a marriage between refined materials and appealing outlines.

929MILANO is design:essential outlines are matched with more sophisticated shapes. Modern style encounters classic taste. Yesterday meets today, the past merges with the future in order to meet all tastes and needs. Milano, the capital of design, the city where our lamps are born.

929MILANO is technology: a wide range of LED products, a modern and up-to-date technology included in classic and traditional objects. Lighting efficiency meets sophisticated shapes and low ecological impact.